Heart in Hand Massage Therapy in Melrose, MA

About Us

Jean DeThomas
Licensed Massage Therapist / Reiki Master/ Speaker / Registered Nurse

Jean has dedicated her life to caring for others. She has created many programs on recruitment/retention of nursing staff and presented numerous stress management programs within the healthcare system. She offers self-care tools to caregivers.

Jean’s extensive background in Healthcare Administration, Assisted Living Communities and patient care has provided her the skills to understand the need for implementing complementary care to the healthcare arena, and how best to achieve that goal. Jean has a great respect for the medical community and has witnessed first hand the positive and empowering results when complementary medicine is offered in conjunction with a traditional approach.

In her desire to couple her extensive knowledge about stress relief and wellness with hands-on bodywork skills, Jean recently graduated from The Cortiva Institute where she received her Massage Therapy Diploma. As a complementary approach, therapeutic Massage not only offers the healing that can come from safe touch, but it can also be effective in reducing stress/muscle tension, enhancing circulation, releasing scar tissue, and can help with sleep disorders and headaches.

Having always been an “out-of-the-box” thinker, Jean has now created her dream of starting her own company, Heart in Hand Massage Therapy Connection, which provides top notch skilled and compassionate massage therapists and Reiki practitioners to healthcare communities ~ for patients and staff alike. The therapists associated with Jean’s company offer specialties in many different areas, thereby meeting each facility’s specific needs.

Heart in Hand Massage Therapy Connection is proud to create tailor-made programs in partnership with facilities focused on the total health and wellbeing of their communities.